Terms of Service


1.1 Payment methods include PayPal and Bank Transfers.

1.2 Tuluce Chemicals accept cheques, debit/credit cards, postal orders, cash or any other form of payment other than those outlined in 4.1

1.3 The Charges are inclusive of VAT.

1.4 Tuluce Chemicals shall be entitled to charge interest in respect of late payment of any sum due under this Agreement, which shall accrue from the date when payment becomes due from month to month until the date of payment at a rate of 10% per invoice.

1.5 Tuluce Chemicals do not provide credit facilities.

1.6 From time to time Tuluce Chemicals may make enquiries on the Customers company, proprietor or directors of the Customers company with credit reference agencies. These agencies may record that a search has been made and share this information with other businesses.

1.7 Tuluce Chemicals provide “Money-Back Guarantees” on certain products. Should your product qualify for this guarantee please raise a support ticket at TuluceChemicals.com within 14 days of placing your order for a full refund. This guarantee excludes domain names which may not be cancelled once ordered. Customers are limited to using the money-back guarantee once.

1.8 Pro-rata refunds will not be issued for yearly services that are cancelled before then end of the year.

1.9 Should your chosen payment method fail Tuluce Chemicals will attempt to settle your invoice using any other payment facilities available on your account.

1.10 All services will renew until cancelled by the customer. Tuluce Chemicals emails the customers primary email address prior to renewal of services, it is the customers responsibility to cancel services prior to renewal as no refund can be made once renewal has occurred. Customers must notify us at least 72 hours before a service is renewed if they wish to cancel that service. The cancellation process must be fully completed by you before your account is cancelled.