1. Hi,

    why doesn´t it smell?
    Has it been treated with another chemical?
    Can it be used for MMS?

    • Hello,

      It smells like chlorine but very less than the other chlorine products. It’s not been treated with another chemical just because its nature. It can be used for MMS/CDS.

  2. Hi The price include vat and shipping?
    How long would it take to Spain?


  3. Johann Gerber

    How can I dilute the 80% concentrate powder to 25% concentrate liquid
    Thank you

    • Hello, 31,5g 80% Sodium Chlorite + 68,5ml water = 100g 25% Sodium Chlorite solution. If you want MMS you need 22,4% Sodium Chlorite solution. 28g 80% Sodium Chlorite + 72ml water= 100g MMS


  4. I have bought 3 times before and I found the product is of very good quality. I have recommended to my friends.

  5. Hi, Can you provide a lab analysis report for your 80% Sodium Chlorite powder? Many thanks.

  6. Kevin Maurice Johnson

    If I dilute it to 25%, is it ok to store in a clear jar, and would the rubber in the metal lid be ok?
    Do you have any better Soulutions to store it in?

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