Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will be included in my purchased products?

    You will receive what you see and what you read in the product description.

  2. I am not getting any reply from Your Company.

    You can reach us by email: info@tulucechemicals.com or directly from Contact Us page.  We reply within 24 hours.

  3. When can I receive my item?

    Estimated delivery time is 7-20 days depending on your region and Customs process. All shipments will be sent via registered airmail or cargo.

  4. I haven’t received my package.

    All orders will be resent or refund if not received in a month after shipped.


  1. What countries do you ship to?

  2. How can I use Chlorite sodium in a small pool? 4,5 m3
    Do I have do activate it with acide ?

    • Directions for Water Purification

      First, mix the sodium chlorite with water for 28% solution. This is the MMS. Mix it as you need it.

      After making the solution; For long-term storage of regular tap and well water, use 1-2 inactivated drops of MMS Water Purifier per gallon. Water is purified after 8 hours. Do not activate for long-term storage or larger quantities.
      For cloudy or murky water, use 3-4 inactivated drops of MMS Water Purifier per gallon. Let stand for 8 hours before drinking.

  3. Hi
    Do you sell the activator?

  4. Simon Timothy

    Do you ship to Ausralia

  5. Can you ship to Philippines? What company would you use. fedex or DHL get here quicker than most

  6. Have you been shipping to the Philippines lately ? Any problems re your customers getting the products ( ex. Customs )? What is the average length of time to receive ? Is this delivered to our address ?

    • Hello, It takes 10-25 days to the Philippines, registered mail. There is not a Customs issue. Will be delivered to your address. Thanks

  7. Do you ship to Canada

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